Sabtu, 06 November 2010

This is the fastest typist SMS from Indonesia

JAKARTA - Two residents of Jakarta Kosasih and Andy Norman, crowned the owner of the fastest fingers from Indonesia. The assurance was obtained after both be winners in the final of the LG Mobile Worldcup 2010, a search arena of the world's fastest typist sms.
Final event brought together 32 finalists selected from the record the best time in Indonesia. Both also will become vice didapuk Indonesia to compete again at the world finals in the same event in New York, USA, January.
"They both managed to prove itself as the best among the other finalists. LG Mobile is very proud to give this award to the winners," said Kim Weon Dae, President Director of PT. LG Electronics Indonesia in his statement on Friday (05/10/2010).
LG Mobile Worldcup 2010 is a large mat annual global-scale work of LG Mobile as one of the global mobile phone vendors, which centered on finding individuals with the ability of the fastest in sending short messages (SMS) worldwide. Recorded 25 countries participated, including Indonesia in its implementation this year.
In Indonesia, this event was officially opened October 2, 2010 ago and was recorded followed by 133.196 participants from all over Indonesia. The number of participants has increased 60 percent from a year earlier. The main prize 100 million dollars available to the winners of the national championship round in Indonesia.Norman Kosasih, 19-year-old student, as the main winner in this event could not hide his excitement as soon as he reached for the best time at the final match of this competition. Despite claims are rarely pro-sms, stating get this typing speed on mobile phones from its unique habit of noting the words of a song while listening to the song via mobile phones through the facilities of multitasking.
"My hobby is listening to music. To remember the words I used to typing in the notes facility on the phone while listening to the song. Not think this is what brought me to be a winner in the LG Mobile Worldcup," Norman said of his who is also listed as one insurance agent.
Another case with Andy, a young 23 years old, who sits as the second winner, ambitions to become a winner in the final of the LG Mobile Worldcup the world stage in New York in January next.
Talk about the first participation in the LG Mobile Worldcup 2010, Andy claimed to know of this event for the information of a friend who got it from the LG Mobile social networking accounts at Facebook. Interested in this competition, itself a direct keep practicing fast typing sms on cell phone via WAP. "In addition, the habit of chatting through a mobile phone with friends and colleagues to train my speed typing messages via mobile phones," said Andy. (Ugo)

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